Dec. 29th, 2009

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We (Kevin, Winnie, & I) are heading home to MA this weekend. We leave Friday night after I get out of work at 11pm. We are staying at Kevin's parents' house in Southwick. As uncomfortable as that makes me, at least there are no cats there (to get my allergies riled up AND for Winnie to terrify).

I really don't want to hang out over there. Kevin made a comment about always going to my house and doing this and that, but my parents have always made an effort to include him and make him feel at home. I can't say the same on their end. Sigh. He says he owes them/his brother time, and that's fine. Thankfully my parents are only six miles from their driveway. :)

I think Saturday will be spent (by me) with my family. Kevin wants to take Ian (his 7-year-old brother) to see a couple friends from home, so that leaves him free to do so. Then maybe my grandparents will come by for dinner, and Kev could come back for that, if he wants. Sunday (and this is my only demand for the whole trip), we are going to our old church, WEFC! I miss it SO STINKING MUCH! <3 Then I will stay at his parents' house and we can do dinner there, and maybe just see my family once more before we hit the road for home? I'm not sure.

I want to leave Sunday night, not Monday morning. I like having down time here before going to work. Shrug. There's too much to do, and I want to see my aunt/cousins but I have a nagging suspicion that it won't happen. I need to try to squeeze them in somehow.

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