Dec. 8th, 2009 09:06 am
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My first day of 3-11 went well, considering I had a sore throat and a 101.2 fever. 

As for the weekend... We put up our big Christmas tree on Saturday. We were supposed to go and see Thursday, because I had already bought tickets, but neither of us really felt like it... so we went and saw New Moon instead! I was thrilled, obviously, and Kevin really liked it, so that worked out great. I wasn't liking the idea of jumping into a pit filled with hundreds of people and coming home sweaty and cold. It snowed that night, too! It was a very pretty drive back to our shabby little apartment.

We had a great time on Sunday with Josh & Kit visiting-- they watched Leon: The Professional (a favorite of mine, thanks to Aaron) while I made dinner, then we played Catchphrase and nearly died laughing about it. About halfway through that, we took a dinner break and then went down to see Lights on the Lake.

Lights on the Lake is a couple mile long Christmas (or should I say, holiday, because they tossed a random Hanukkah group of lights in there) lighting display, along Onondaga lake. People out here get very excited about this, but seeing as we all live(d) out in western MA, home of Bright Nights in Forest Park, it's not actually even good. Bright Nights puts on an amazing show, and if you ask me, the one we saw here can't compete. 

Upon our return, we played some more Catchphrase (what can I say, it was a hit!) and then decided it was probably time for bed. Kit took a shower and we got their air mattress blown up and fitted with sheets/blankets/pillows.  Winnie came in and slept with us (she has been doing much better since the last post-- one accident, but she does much better with tons of attention).

Kevin's alarm went off sometime early in the morning, maybe 4:30? Kit came in around 7 to say goodbye, and I was still pretty comatose. I woke up around 9 to a very very sore throat. I checked my temperature, which was about 98.9, no biggie. Hours later, around 1:30 or 2pm, it was 101.2. It was late enough that I wouldn't bother calling into work. Cassy and I rode in together and the shift went fine.

Came home last night to find Kevin making me tea, and he had the Vitamin C tablets out for me  :)  We watched an episode and a half of Seinfeld before deciding it was bedtime, and we went to sleep. He's been working like crazy to make up for the job he lost (and by 'he lost,' I more mean, 'they took from him.' Seems more appropriate.)

I can't believe that on Christmas Eve, we'll have been married for 4 months. It feels like it's been longer than that. Maybe 'cause the move to New York seems like the beginning. Maybe 'cause we were always so serious about each other. I don't know what it is, but it makes me happy. Anyway, I have Christmas Eve off from work, so I'm looking forward to that.

I am not looking forward to work tonight, just 'cause my body feels like it's... I can't find an appropriate comparison. It just feels BAD. I secretly hope I have strep, because I want my tonsils out so badly (look up tonsiloliths and you'll see what the issue is), maybe one more positive strep test would get it taken care of... Anyway, we'll see.


Nov. 23rd, 2009 09:06 pm
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I know a few things about tomorrow:

1. My dear friend Rob will be joining me on the back hall at work! I am thrilled about this because even if the day somehow is shot to hell, he usually makes a point to try to improve my mood, whether it involves doing little things for me (like making a bed or two that I haven't had time to get) or hurling disgustingly kind words at me (flattery to the point I become nauseated), or just being a moron to get a chuckle from me. Also: It's a non-shower day, so things should be less hectic than normal for me (like today!). We'll see. In any case, we work very well as a team, and get both our assignments done pretty quickly so... three cheers for a good outlook.

[Nicole, my usual back hall partner, is very fast but she's a little rough, and sometimes I find it unsettling. Also, she's very pregnant, which not only creeps me out (sorry, I'm more afraid of pregnant women than even my crippling fear of spiders) but it makes her moody. And things are bad at home for her, so she's usually kind of withdrawn lately. Still, we ARE friends and DO chatter a lot. I like her lots, but I am looking forward to Rob's company for the day. Some change is good.]

2. Lights on the Lake opens tomorrow from 5-9pm for dogs to walk through with their humans. We are planning on bringing Winnie to this event, provided I can layer enough clothing to keep warm for the 2 miles of walking. Should be interesting. We went through the whole thing with everyone last year (in a car, mind you) and it was good and awkward. Everything while we were staying with Nana & Pop was awkward. Yeah, ask me about that sometime. Ugh.

3. We'll have been married 3 months as of tomorrow. Why does it feel like it's been so much longer? Maybe because we've both been so incredibly stressed out? Probably. It feels like it's been forever. Maybe because we were so serious about everything. Right off the bat, I knew he was just It. You know, The One Everyone Is Looking For? Yeah, I found him, and I knew it.

I remember one night, the first time we went anywhere alone, after work. It was over to a place by our houses, just to get some ice cream. We talked forever, and I've never been stuck in what can only be described as an eye-lock with anyone like that. For a good hour, we just talked, and stared. It wasn't awkward, like I feel it should have been, thinking back on it. That was the night that I knew I really really oh my gosh, like this guy, and what do I do next? (Yes, those were my thoughts.)

I think it was November, may have been early December, of 2007 when I told my mother, "He's the one, Mom." She didn't know what to say, I could tell, but her response ended up being, "You know, I sort of expected that. I think you're right." He rode his bike 40 miles to surprise me at my grandparents' house one night, with flowers, while I was visiting them on a weekend away from Keene. He rode his bike 7 miles to my house in the pouring rain before work to give me a CD he made me. He took me out to Otis on the jet ski to get my mind off my problems with my parents that summer. We talked out on the dock for hours, about anything and everything. He drove me to Keene for move-in day, and it was a horrible goodbye. He hiked Monadnock with me while we skipped class. He drove up from home nearly EVERY day (not even kidding-- he put 100,000 miles on his car in a matter of MONTHS) after class, would spend the night, and leave in the morning for work. His first night over, he slept totally in his clothes and was very very shy. He ran out on the quad with me at night and we set off tons of Diet Coke explosions with the help of Mentos. He used to hide notes around my room for me to find later, while he was back home, when I was missing him.  He'd bring flowers some mornings when I'd meet him out front of Huntress.

Now I'm just rambling and reminiscing... It's been real. You know, my favorite part of loving Bella and Edward from Twilight is noticing the parallels between the movie/book and my own life. I saw a shirt that said "Edward Cullen has ruined it for the mortal men out there." In my Bear's case, I couldn't disagree more. I'm pretty darn lucky. We're pretty happy together, and who can complain about that?! 


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I got the nicest text message from Kevin while I was at work today...

"you are so pretty. i had a nice thought of you earlier... earrings in...curly hair let down...your beautiful brown gimmering eyes, your nice eye makeup, and the most content, happy, unforgettable smile anyone has ever seen. i love you. i know i'm busy. i've missed you so much."

So, it's nice to be thought of. And, along that line, I just got a call from Rob, who is one of my work buddies. He's the definition of a ladies man, which I think is hilarious, but he's sarcastic and irritating like me, and we get along oh-so-well. (I'm probably the only one who really likes him, everyone else just tolerates him. I think he's a riot.) Anyway, he is moving from part of Syracuse here into B-ville, and he just called and asked if I'd like to come over and meet the girlfriend he's moving in with and have a couple drinks with them.

I declined after last night's extravaganza, but it was so nice to be invited. And we chatted for a few minutes on the phone, and he said, "Well I know you've been kinda depressed the last few days and I just want you to know you're always welcome. Your real friends look out for ya."

Those were just a couple really nice things that touched me today. Thanks, guys. And NO thank you to the people at work who informed me that 3-11 and 11-7 are both overstaffed, so I am stuck working days indefinitely. FAIL. But, not to dwell on that, I am off to read and relax...
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Had a good chat with Shandra while at the mall. I hate being one of those idiots blabbering away on my cell phone in public, but hey, that's the first time I've done it, and you know what? It was nice to unload all that baggage. So...

I saw New Moon! I LOVED it! Still cheesy (to be expected) but much better than the first, and it felt like it went on forever (in a good way). That was the highlight of my weekend, so I wished it went on and on and on. I'm tempted to see it again later, just to smile. It's been a rotten couple days. [More on the movie later]

Kevin kept texting, saying he wanted to cuddle later, etc. I told him to please stop, because I was kinda down and those messages weren't helping. He got all upset and said something about staying out late, going to a party, and told me not to wait up. I explained again, I was just down and his messages weren't doing me any good. He went off about how it's the last nice weekend and how he wanted me in NYC with him but I didn't want to go...

I told him I backed out so he could see his FD stuff with people who enjoy that kind of thing. He claims he wanted me there, got all mad, and said he was done talking to me.

Really? What the hell? I told Cassy it's been a crap weekend and now she, Brett, & I are going out to Sammy's for dinner/drinks. It'll be nice to see them but wow, unbelievable. Grr.
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I feel badly for even thinking twice about it, but Bear posted a quick update about what a great night he had, how beautiful it is, and what a great trip it's been, and all I did was get steamed about it.

Maybe it's because by comparison, the weekend off I have been SO looking forward to has been nothing but crap. Maybe it's because my friends were supposed to visit but didn't. Maybe it's because I was supposed to go to NYC with him this weekend, but he'd rather go do his own thing. Maybe it's because he's enjoying a place he knows and loves, somewhere I have ALWAYS wanted to go, but never have... Whatever the reason, my own stupid issues with reading that just brought my morning down much more.

Grumble grumble.
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If you'd have asked me a year ago if I'd be dying for someone to come see New Moon with me on opening weekend, I'd have laughed in your face.

I picked up Twilight (the book) this August, around wedding time. I only bought it because it was so cheap at TJ Maxx ($7) and because I was curious to see what all this hype was about in the first place. I never imagined I'd get sucked in like every other girl on the planet, but I did.

The books weren't even that well written. It was just a nice break from the other kinds of things I generally read about (Jodi Picoult court case novels and semi-depressing true stories of drug abuse, eating disorders, and mental illness). It was nice to re-live what it's like to fall in love, and I loved Edward's character! (I think they couldn't have chosen worse casting for the movies, though. What a huge letdown.)

I like the name Edward, period. Before any of this nonsense, I had a plant named Edward (Yes, I name my plants.) who hangs next to my bed, begging the window for some attention. He's a Crown of Thorns plant, and he constantly looks dead, but he continues to grow taller, which leads me to believe that he is, in fact, alive.

In any case, I'm just writing this because I -so- want to go see this movie, but I think the odds are, I will just wait for its arrival on DVD. I can add it to my collection, and the following movie will be released in June. This is great, because that was my favorite of the books, anyway.

That makes it sound like June is just around the corner. It isn't. I can't believe winter is almost upon us. And winter here runs from about November to May. I'm shocked the snow hasn't begun to pile up yet.

Kevin left around 6am this morning for NYC with some friends. They're going down to meet up with his former professor and friend, who is taking a class on a tour of FDNY. Kevin & friends are spending the night and will be home late tomorrow afternoon, I guess. Probably closer to 7 or 8, I bet. I -was- upset that they decided to spend the night, since this was my weekend off and initially, we were going to go to NYC together... now, I'll only get a couple hours with him. However, he needs a break, so it's good for him to get out with the guys. I'm keeping that in mind.

Especially after the whole "Hey, I lost my job" thing. Sigh.
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I'll readily admit to drooling over this guy for most of high school:

And I'll readily admit that Kevin's new haircut is kinda sorta similar, and that has made all the difference lately. :) How funny is that?!

(Kev likes super short boot camp-like haircuts, which I can't stand... so the fact that he's compromising for my sake makes me grin like an idiot. Love it!!!)

Last One!

Nov. 15th, 2009 10:41 pm
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So, I went a little overboard with the updates. Sue me. This one's important!

Now, it probably doesn't matter 'cause Bear doesn't read this but... Tomorrow [November 16] is his birthday, so I wanted to be sure to wish him a very happy 22nd birthday! This was the first year I got to look for birthday cards under the "Birthday-Husband" section, and I probably grinned from ear to ear the whole time. :-D

Sometimes we drive each other nuts and we have our ups and downs like anyone else but... I couldn't be happier! I've got the best darn Kevin there is, and he's the biggest, warmest Bear you could ask for, and we're the happiest couple of fools you've ever seen! I'm very thankful for another year together and look forward to lots more!

<3 Happy Birthday Kevs!

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