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I had a dental fiasco with insurance issues-- I haven't gotten my teeth cleaned (professionally, obviously) in a year and a half. While I was a student, my parents' insurance extended my coverage. As soon as I graduated, however, I lost that coverage. Shortly afterward, I moved to New York. Then I got a new job, but had to wait through the probationary period in order to get my benefits rolling. Then a bunch of other stuff came and went, while my teeth most likely just collected plaque. (No, seriously)

I made an appointment at a place I just found online. All I did was look for dentists that my insurance would cover, which were in an area I wasn't terrified to drive to alone (ie: Please God, not downtown Syracuse!). Then, I had to narrow it down to names I could pronounce, because I refuse to go to a dentist named Abu. (I immediately think of the monkey from Aladdin, and that just won't work for me, sorry Abu!) I ended up going with the terribly generic sounding "Erin Shannon."

This is exactly how I chose my doctor out here in New York as well. IT WORKED OUT SO WELL! I wish I had tried this approach at home! (Again, seriously) I had such a great time, and I was amazed at everything this little office had to offer. I'm still floored.

But, the best news of all wasn't how much I loved Louise, who spent a good hour chipping away at the crap that covered my poor little teeth, or how cheery the office was, or how much cool technological junk the place was loaded with from floor to ceiling! The best part was... only one cavity! Well, technically one, but it's between teeth, so it requires two fillings. Whatever! I'm thrilled!

I didn't have ANY cavities until I turned twenty. My first one resulted in a root canal and a crown. (Yikes!) I've only had two little ones since then, and now this one. The thing is, my old dentist's office was horrible. I didn't know that until later, but he was using stuff that people stopped using in the 90's. Half of the stuff I saw today wasn't new, it was only new to ME.

My family switched dentists this summer, and they all had cavities and were naturally worried about me, since they had been going regularly every 6 months, and I was so far behind. When one brother had 9 cavities and my sister had 4, my parents assumed my count would be astronomical. YAY, I lucked out!

Seriously. And the office gang adored me, it was hilarious. I guess I was in rare form today. (I suppose a long Friday at work will do that to me, though. Thank God-- weekend off!)

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