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The house we went to look at today was the BIGGEST letdown EVER. The pictures of this place looked totally gorgeous, and then, as we pulled up... ugh. We both exchanged a look like, "Quick! Let's leave!" but the realtor was there grinning at us.

As it turns out, she was really friendly, knowledgeable, and unlike the last woman, she didn't try to sell the property because she could tell we weren't interested. Instead, she asked us what we -did- like about it, what it was missing, what our pros/cons would be, and how she could help us. She has a busy week but said she'll be in touch, and that's fine by us.

We told her we'd prefer a ranch-style house, we'd like to go the USDA loan route, would prefer to be neighbor-free, and would like a wood stove, among other things. We're shooting for something that may need some cosmetic updates, but is for the most part otherwise up-to-date.

We've got to meet with someone and see what we can be approved for, so we have a price range to work with. I guess that's where we stand for now. Still, looking is nice. And-- the government approved an extension on the $8000 tax credit for first time home buyers, through April 2010, closing in June 2010. There is hope! :)
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Today, I got some weird, bad news. Not myself personally-- though I am 3 weeks late for my period, which is bad news in itself though the tests have said no, I still think a doctor's visit is in order. Not good. Ahem, anyway...

One woman at work is doing particularly bad. She has been unable to eat/swallow/do anything other than sleep, it seems. Linda, our unit manager, said "We have so many people who aren't doing well..."

I said, "Really? I thought it was just her."

She said, "Oh no, like this lab work I just got back on Dygert [Audrey, one of MY residents]. Her H levels are so low, she'll need a transfusion or she won't be here much longer. I have to call the family and see what they want to do."

Well, they turned it down. So, I'll be losing another one. One who seems fine. One who talks about my dog every day (she is dog crazy). One who tells me how cute my husband is. One who grins at me across the dining room. One who likes to yell MY ASS HURTS! until someone, anyone, helps her. I love this woman.

I fed her today at lunch, knowing she won't be here much longer. For a few minutes, it broke my heart. I told her something about heaven being a great big house for her, with a huge yard... a ranch... filled with dogs. She grinned like a fool and said "I hope you're right about that!" and went back to napping through our meal.

Whenever that day comes, I'm really gonna miss her bright little face in the morning. It hasn't been a good stretch of time for us down there lately. We're losing people left and right, and Eva just passed away... they told me it was the most peaceful death they've ever seen. She was probably God's best friend, the way they talked back and forth. I'm SURE she's much happier now, but she left a big hole with most of us. Same with Marion... it's just been rough, and the new folks we've gotten have been a nightmare.

My little Jane is in the hospital now, too. Left this afternoon. Out of nowhere, kidney failure. I LOVE her too. She'd smile and kiss me one minute, then throw a milkshake at me and curse me in Polish AND English. God help me, I love her. She's a riot and as nuts as she is, I hope I'm just like her. She's a little spitfire.

I'm gonna be devastated when these two go-- especially if it's soon, or together. Yikes.


On a brighter note, we are going to see our Dream House tomorrow afternoon. The price is perfect, the only thing is-- we were hoping to get a Rural Development loan via USDA, but this house is exempt because it has an inground swimming pool. Not a deal-breaker feature, but definitely nice. We love the location, it's a one-story house, has a nice two-car garage, deck, woodstove, and is under $90K. We just aren't sure yet if the FHA loan would go through, and if it does, how much money down would be involved... THAT will be the tricky part. We'll see, though. More on that tomorrow...

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