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Though I have a lot I want to say already, I feel like I can't begin without an introductory posting. Here's a little something to understand me a little better:

My name is Lindsay, but I refer to myself as Lizzie. My husband Kevin is the only one to call me Lizzie in real life. We also refer to each other as "Bear" here and there, so if it slips in here somewhere, you'll have a clue as to who I'm talking about.

I'm 23, at the time of writing this. My birthday is in April, a month I can't say I enjoy a whole lot. Also, I am usually sick for my birthday every year. At least I can stock up on juice, tissues, and cold medicine ahead of time, right?

For about a year now, I have lived just outside of Syracuse, New York with Bear. (See? Told you I'd slip Bear in there somewhere!) The other 22 years of my life were spent just outside of Springfield, Massachusetts; a place I didn't realize I would miss so much. I also spent 4 of those years shuffling back and forth between 'home' in Massachusetts and 'home' in Keene, New Hampshire, where I attended college.

I am close with my family, though they drive me kind of crazy.
Me + Kitt + Mike + Steve = The Kids
^ I am the oldest. ^ The brothers are twins.

I work as a CNA in a nursing home.
I love my residents; I hate everything else.

I adore animals, especially foxes and deer... and our dog, Winnie.
I have allergies from hell, so we can't have cats for pets.

I am creeped out by babies and pregnancy.
I am too impatient & selfish to have or want kids of my own.

I sometimes think/speak in Spanish. I took it for 9 years in school.
I sometimes think/speak in lyrics. I listen to music as much as possible.

I like thinking. I love reading, sudoku, and crossword puzzles.
I love languages in general. I freak out over spelling & grammar mistakes.

For now, I think that's enough to get us started. Welcome to my life as Lizzie! :)

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