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AIM gets the Annoying Problem of the Year award for the pain-in-the-rump issue I've battled for weeks now.

Remember I said I regret giving my mother my email address? Well, in an effort to limit her nagging to email, I decided to get rid of my mobile forwarding on AIM. [I stopped using AIM altogether not because Facebook and text messaging no longer require things like AIM to even exist, but because I hated getting messages from my nosy mother. However, I left the mobile forwarding on, so these outrageous messages not only found me, but it was ALWAYS at some inopportune time. I've had enough!]

SO. I thought, after writing said comment, I fixed the problem. I made a new screen name, in case I need it for something-- Kevin and I will sometimes talk via AIM while he's at work. Typing is still easier than texting. Then, I went to my standard screen name and fixed the settings-- or so I thought.

I've still been getting mobile forwards! Sure enough, I log in, and my settings were never saved. I changed them tonight, and they weren't saved. The bottom of the page says "Changes to this page save automatically" but I don't buy it. How to fix it? I'm not sure what I ACTUALLY should have done, but what I DID do was... change my privacy settings to Block All Users so that my screen name is utterly useless. Voila!

Really though, it gave me a headache [legitimately!] and now I'm more miserable for having fixed the problem.


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:48 pm
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I never should have given my mother my email address. I stopped using AIM because I couldn't stand her nagging from a distance, and now email has just given her another medium for it.

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