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i work again 3-11 today, but until then... i plan on listening to this unbearably obnoxious song (whose artist/title i will not disclose) until my brain and ears can't take it any longer. also: now that i am the owner of the deluxe 3-disc edition of twilight, i may watch one of the extra discs... or maybe just the whole darn movie. we'll see.

work better be an improvement upon yesterday. really. it got better toward the end of the night, and i had a good chat with laurie who happened to be on our unit yesterday (yay!). i also made fun of todd for his earlier hostility, which he seemed to get a kick out of. plus, louise was there, and i just love her. she makes me not miss mel and marlo so much (my great nurses from day shift). 

and so: let the stupid songfest begin!


Nov. 23rd, 2009 10:03 pm
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I apologize for all my Twilight-related posts. I hate being That Girl, but I've fallen right back into my State of Perpetual Obsession.

So, I finally downloaded the song Edward plays Bella in the movie, which made my day because I love the music SO SO SO much. ["Bella's Lullaby" from the score by Carter Burwell] 

I love how they showed Edward playing at the piano, and it reminded me (as it should) of the book, where Esme was thrilled to see Edward so happy and in love that it brought him back to the piano. She said she loved hearing him play, but it had been so long since he was happy enough to play something, and that scene just captures it very well.

The stinkin' song gives me butterflies. I am such a huge sap, it's unreal.   :-D
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Tanya sent along the newest Mayday Parade album for me today! I am thrilled, because after I saw them open for Metro Station this summer, I haven't taken their first album out of my car. (It's been months and I cannot STOP listening!)

So, I'm listening to it right now, and though it sounds definitely, distinctly different, I am not having those "Ew, I can't believe this is them!" thoughts that usually run through my head during a first run-through of a band's new album.

I especially like If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet? so far. Yes, so far, it's my favorite on the album. One of them (track #8) didn't load, so that'll wait for another time.

Anyway... more later. I'm dazed and confused (due to champagne that I couldn't pass up) and would prefer to be alone with my music! Yep! TTFN!
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I generally resort to letting Shuffle choose whatever songs we are going to listen to. (By we, I generally mean me) Shuffle has this knack for being freakishly accurate-- it chooses songs that seem to align to my current mind state perfectly.

Like I said earlier, I was dwelling on the past. A few songs from a certain aspect of the past have come on, and I thought I was just reading into it too much. Just now, it selected Third Eye Blind's "How's it Gonna Be?" and I can't try to rationalize that one. It's not even a song I like! It just happens to be in my library because someone gave me that CD during a bad spell of high school...

Sometimes, I miss you so damn much. I feel like this won't ever be resolved.

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