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Occasionally, I will bump into my neighbors with dogs while we are out letting them do their thing. Yesterday was not the first time, but I walked all the way down to the end of our building, and let Winnie have a longer trip out in the snow because there was a huge argument going on. (Normally in this crappy weather, I run out with her and the second she's done, away we go!) 

This girl and her boyfriend live together. They just moved in a couple months ago. I met the boyfriend, Matt, while he took their dog out one day. My first impression wasn't anything special-- he looked like any of the other niners* in our building. I may have seen the girlfriend but without him there with her, it's hard to know who's with who. She never takes the dog out, so it's hard to say.

Anyway, yesterday, she was screaming on and on, like one of those stereotypical annoying girls, who repeat things in arguments. (Peeve) I heard something like, "Do you think so?! Do you think so?! I mean really, after all those examples I just gave you, do you think so?!" Another thing that stands out in my mind was, "You never listen to a thing I say! I tell you we're going to do this, this, and this, and ten minutes later, you want an itenerary. You're saying 'Well I thought we were gonna do this...' after I JUST told you!"

The way people here fight over every stinking thing is disgusting, but it kind of makes me smile to think, Thank God I am not going back into the apartment to do the same thing. Thank God the most recent thing we fought over was who got the last say in our wrestling match the other night (we are both stubborn to a fault). Really though, it makes me happy that things are okay over here.   <3


*Niner is a term Kevin and I LOVE using. It came from his job at R/M, and it usually refers to the low-income, trouble-causing, abuse-of-the-system types who live in the city. Here, we just use it to call people gross without saying gross. I guess it's become an us-only word.

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