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I saw someone's page come up on Facebook a minute ago, and it got me thinking... I really miss a lot of people. Mainly, I was thinking about this guy, who was a good friend when I was a freshman/sophomore in college, and his group of friends (well, my group of friends, I guess). Anyway, I really miss them, and I was thinking about other people I miss like that, and I guess all I'm trying to get at is... I miss the way they made me feel.

I don't know if it's circumstantial or not, maybe nothing will feel that way again unless I am back in New Hampshire in the fall, or maybe it's because it was all so new and they were my family away from home, or maybe none of this comes into play at all and I am just overthinking and fragmenting and run-on-ing, which I actually love to do when I'm thinking.

(For someone who loves grammar/spelling/everything English so much, I sure do enjoy destroying it for my own sport)

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: I miss feeling like someone totally integrated, unique, and meaningful to a group of people.
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So, it's official! One year ago today, I secretly packed up all my belongings, loaded them into Kevin's car, and left with him to go to the dentist... and then we hit the road for New York, which my parents were not expecting in the least. I left a note on my bed.

I can't believe it's been a year. I also can't believe how much has changed in that year. Never have I accomplished so much in such a small span of time. Let's recap:

October 20th: I moved in with Kevin's grandparents.
First week of November: He moves in as well.
November 7th: I got my housekeeping job at the nursing home up the road.
December 25th: First Christmas sans-family. :(
Mid-March: We picked out and bought my car!
April 14th: I turned 23 and we moved into our apartment the same day.
April 20th: Started my CNA class in downtown Syracuse.
End of June: Passed my certification exams and graduated.
End of July: We got our dog, Winnie.
August 24th: We got married!!

I'm sure I'm leaving things out, but those are the biggies. It's been a busy year. (And that's just my side of things-- Kevin has had his own list of stuff!) I feel like it's been way more than a year. Maybe because I don't think it's all that great out here.

Kev applied for a firefighter job down in North Carolina today. I've always wanted to live there (though I've never been). I'd love to move south-- I hate all the winter up this way. I'd be happier being away from my family if it meant it'd be a little warmer at the same time. Anyway, that's all for now. <3

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