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So, I've had a nasty cold since... Well, it began Sunday. I woke up with a scratchy throat but didn't think much of it, because it's so dry in here, my throat is always scratchy. (That, and I'm allergic to dogs, so having a dog is sort of counter-productive... but dammit, I am an animal woman and I refuse to live life without one, at least! And seeing as LOOKING at cats practically breaks me out in hives... a dog it is.)

In any case: Sunday began with a throat thing, but it tapered off and I thought nothing of it. My sister and her boyfriend were here, and we were all having fun. I took a ton of ibuprofen over the course of the evening for a massive headache, then we all went to bed. When I woke up on Monday, I was nursing the sore throat from hell, and thought for sure: Death Strep Part 3* had come to call.

The sore throat is always worst when waking up, then it's the congestion, and now I'm coughing up crap that reminds me of Wedding Week with the bronchitis. If I'm not feeling even a little better by Monday, I'm going to schedule a visit to the doctor on Tuesday. Kevin and I have the day off, so he can bring me. (The only plus about him losing his job is that he works full time at R/M where he picks his own schedule, so it's around my days off!)

The whole point of this was going to be short and sweet, but I guess I felt like writing on and on... all I was going to mention was the great start to my day. I had a bloody nose from blowing it so much and the air being so dry. This was when Kevin left for work around 4:30 this morning. I woke up at 9 and felt all that crusty crap hardened in my nose-- I couldn't breathe. So, I was chipping away at all this, and it TORE OUT A TINY LITTLE NOSE HAIR! Let me just say, that was the WORST way I could have woken up. Holy hell does that hurt.

I hate noses anyway, specifically mine, specifically after a friend ran me into a tree blindfolded and busted it. I mean, all out, broke it, black eyes for a week and a half, looked like a car accident. Now there's this big sloping bump in the bridge of my nose, which I hate. I'm really not a totally shallow (I can admit to being somewhat shallow! Aren't we all?) person, but I swear, if I won a large sum of money, I'd get that bump shaved off and go back to my pre-eleven-year-old nose in a heartbeat.

*Death Strep Part 3 refers to the dreaded third installment of a series of battles with strep throat, which for some reason, insists on blowing up full-force for me. I have only had strep twice, but the first time, my mother had to come rescue me from college for a weekend and throw me to the ER because my fever was so high, I was dehydrated beyond belief, and I don't remember a whole lot about it. I needed 3 units of saline through an IV for the dehydration, some steroids to open my throat up (the infection had been so bad, it was 80% closed off-- I had been drooling into a bucket rather than swallowing for two days), a shot of penicillin in my thigh (OUCH), and horse pills of penicillin to go.

The second round wasn't as bad, as it didn't require the ER, but it brought friends: a sinus infection and bronchitis. All of these things were cleared up by a doctor, but as soon as I heard "strep throat," I thought back to my first encounter... I probably looked like a kid seeing a needle for a shot, for the first time. My mom snapped me back to reality, saying, "Well at least it's not like the last time!" 

I'm still waiting for another battle... (Of course, every encounter -does- bring me closer to being able to get my tonsils out, which I have been demanding since I found out what those damn things are that scratch my throat and stink and look like cauliflower: tonsiloliths! YUCK! Read about THAT sometime, if you want to lose your appetite.)

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