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Maybe it's because my Poppa [Dad's dad] spent his WWII days in the navy. Maybe it's because my last memories at home in MA were spent debating whether to take a job my parents were forcing on me, or to join the air national guard... Maybe it's because we've been wrapped up in watching the first three seasons of The Unit... Regardless of the reason, I have developed a bizarre longing to be a part of the military. I think the only thing stopping me is being so hideously out of shape.

Kevin has agreed to teach me how to run without hating it-- I was always a speedy kid and I was made for short sprints, but I have always wanted to be able to run distances. Seeing as he spent the better part of his high school days as a cross country star, I figured he'd have some input. He practically beamed when I asked him to "show" me. He didn't understand how someone could not KNOW how to run. Maybe I am over thinking it, but I'm excited in any case. I'm picking up some new sneakers and we'll see how things go.

For now, though, my focus is this weekend: Heading home to MA to see my parents/brothers/grandparents/cousins/friends. Should be a jam-packed, interesting, nostalgic trip. My friends from work were advising me to call in on Monday and make it a long weekend. I have the sick time, but my morals are wrestling with me on that one. We'll see what happens.

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