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Fifteen minutes of battling my hair with a straightener and fifteen minutes of masking my tired eyes, and I look presentable.

I woke up and sneaked a peek at the hair color this morning before I took Winnie out... it was horrendous. It's still kind of shoddy-- I don't know how I screwed it up, but some parts look like they got more dye than others, which has never happened before. It looked way worse pre-straightening. The curls were everywhere and it was just HUGE. So now it's straight and shiny and acceptable. It's got some red when the light hits it, especially toward the root, but it's a medium/dark brown that matches my eyebrows perfectly. (I love when dyes match my eyebrows, which have always been much darker than my natural hair color.)

The choice of eye makeup was a good one... I looked so damn tired. Well, I always do. I get up so late (6:30 most mornings, when I have to be at work for 7:00) that I don't have time, and run into work sans makeup. I look a fright, but what do I care while I'm there? People were shocked when I came in on the 3-11 shift with my hair and makeup all done. That kinda made me laugh. Anyway, nothing special, really, just nice to have some time to look decent in the morning.

And now... I am off to the mall. I -am- going to see this movie, dammit! I'm a girl on a mission. Normally, I don't feel like I could go to a movie solo, it'd be too depressing, but... I need to see this, and it's been a terrible waste of my free time so far, so this movie will cheer me up. (Or make me wish I had my own Edward, but... whatever.)

After that, I will rack up some sales at Victoria's Secret, because I finally have a credit card and I am slowly trying to get some credit experience. (Isn't it nice that I can buy myself underwear and think, "But this will get us one step closer to getting approved for our mortgage!" Yeah, I think so, too.) Really though, I am amazed at how well their bras fit. I've always been an in-between kinda size, and now, their B fits like a glove! It's PERFECT. I am thrilled. And since joining, I get coupons to use like today's $15 off.

I hate writing about stuff like this. It's so boring. (Sorry to anyone who reads this)


Bear just called. He didn't even say much of anything, and I started to tear up. I should have just let it go to voicemail. I really didn't feel like talking. He asked if I had any special plans-- I think that's what got to me. I said I was going to my movie alone, and he said he hoped it was good and he'll go with me if I want to see it again, because he wants to see it. A nice gesture, but so not something I want to hear right now.


double-you-tee-eff is wrong with me? I just HAD my week of emo... I don't need another one.

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