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-Waking up at 10am
-Taking the dog out in the nice fall weather
-Cleaning house all morning with good music
-Looking at my job well done!
-Seinfeld on the couch
-Delicious tea and cheese/crackers
-Mall with two friends
-New book to read
-Finally, a credit card! THANK YOU VICTORIA'S SECRET!
-Home at a reasonable hour
-Journal update by candlelight
-Bed-- alone, so I can sprawl!

I normally waste my days off sulking on the computer. Today, I did a whole lot and the day went by SO slowly, I am amazed! My next days off are Saturday and Sunday, and Shandra [good friend from college] will be visiting, so I'm sure we'll have an action-packed weekend.

I hope I sleep well tonight, though I doubt I'll sleep at all. The ceiling sounds like it's going to cave in. People are laughing, yelling, and running around with the floorboards creaking above my bed. I hope if I turn the fan on high, it will be enough noise to drown it out... [I really hate these people. They are SO inconsiderate!]

Well, it's off to bed for me! I will see Bear tomorrow morning-- he will be coming home as I am getting out of bed to get ready for work. Our schedules are crazy. By "our," I mean his. I miss him an awful lot, but it's better for him to be gone lately-- my mood has been so down/snippy/exhausted that I usually just wish him to be gone, anyhow. It's nothing personal. He's been the same way. Sometimes, work makes you so crazy you just need some space. This is one of those times, and today, I cherished my free time.

That is all!

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