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I'll readily admit to drooling over this guy for most of high school:

And I'll readily admit that Kevin's new haircut is kinda sorta similar, and that has made all the difference lately. :) How funny is that?!

(Kev likes super short boot camp-like haircuts, which I can't stand... so the fact that he's compromising for my sake makes me grin like an idiot. Love it!!!)
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I once used Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner, and immediately was in love. However, the expensive price tag swayed me, and I have never bought it, or used it except that one time which is now filed away in memory.

The other day, I stooped to paying $10/bottle for a bigger size bottle of Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy shampoo/conditioner, in Spearmint & Eucalyptus. I have been dreaming of my Tea Tree shampoo and ways to work around the price tag-- this was my alternative.

THE STUFF IS AMAZING. My hair feels so freaking soft! Even ME, with frizzy, curly, wow-I-dye-my-hair-too-often hair, can have soft, shiny hair with this! And it smells great!

I have decided it's still no substitute. I am going to break down and get the Paul Mitchell, since I can't get the damn stuff off my mind, but this is a close second and a damn good shampoo! Just, you know, FYI.


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