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Separate entry, because the two are totally unrelated... and I just want them separate, okay?! Sheesh! Moving on...

So, I was totally looking forward to Bear coming home at 6pm and spending some time together. I came back from the dentist and began to peel/slice apples for an apple crisp (something Bear had requested previously). He came home to tell me that he is going on a trip to NYC in November, the weekend my friends are coming to see us. He's bringing a girl with him whom I can't stand, though I've never met her. (I only don't like her in theory, because he told me she has/had a crush on him, and they always go out drinking together and I am constantly upset about it. Shrug.) He asks if this is okay. I agree, because let's face it, my friends probably want to see me more than him, so whatever, enjoy your day off, Bear. However, if they do not visit, which will most likely happen, I will spend the day at home obsessing over how steamed I am about all of it.

Then, he informs me that he has just picked up an overnight shift so he has the day off with me tomorrow. Sure, it's thoughtful, except I was so looking forward to our night together, and I was kind of hoping for a sleep-in day alone in an empty bed (such a nice break!) and a lazy day alone, until I go to Cassy's housewarming shindig.

So, with no other alternative, tonight became a girl's night in for Winnie and I. Granted, a dog isn't a whole lot of help for these things. In any case, I baked the apple crisp, which I don't think I even cooked long enough. I don't like it anyway, so no great loss to me. I took a shower which turned into a bath halfway through. We curled up with some ice cream (I ate the 1/2 container that was left! Whoa!) and watched Twilight because I was in a sappy mood.

I almost cried through the whole thing, and I will try to blame this on PMSing, though I'm not entirely sure where I am in the Time-of-the-Month game. Whatever-- I love Twilight, and more specifically Edward. In my opinion, the casting (of everyone) for the movie was a horrible job. The characters I had pictured were so much more... fitting. Still, I love the fact that Edward speaks so fluidly (in the book, not so much the movie), how protective he is (in a shepherding way, not a You-Can't-Hang-Out-With-Other-Guys kind of way), and how he sees no one else but Bella. The books aren't even well written, but there is something spell binding about them. (This is coming from a reformed skeptic)

--- Enough of my Twilight ranting and raving. I try to keep my little fixation with that a secret! I guess I'm going to brush my teeth really well (I mean it-- I'm going to do this religiously from now on, I swear!) and most likely hit the hay.

(Note: Whenever I am on the computer and say "I'm going to hit the hay" or any other form of "go to sleep," you can pretty much assume I will find SOMETHING to keep me otherwise distracted for another hour or so. I suck at sticking to the "BEDTIME, NOW!" thing.)

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