Dec. 8th, 2009 09:06 am
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My first day of 3-11 went well, considering I had a sore throat and a 101.2 fever. 

As for the weekend... We put up our big Christmas tree on Saturday. We were supposed to go and see Thursday, because I had already bought tickets, but neither of us really felt like it... so we went and saw New Moon instead! I was thrilled, obviously, and Kevin really liked it, so that worked out great. I wasn't liking the idea of jumping into a pit filled with hundreds of people and coming home sweaty and cold. It snowed that night, too! It was a very pretty drive back to our shabby little apartment.

We had a great time on Sunday with Josh & Kit visiting-- they watched Leon: The Professional (a favorite of mine, thanks to Aaron) while I made dinner, then we played Catchphrase and nearly died laughing about it. About halfway through that, we took a dinner break and then went down to see Lights on the Lake.

Lights on the Lake is a couple mile long Christmas (or should I say, holiday, because they tossed a random Hanukkah group of lights in there) lighting display, along Onondaga lake. People out here get very excited about this, but seeing as we all live(d) out in western MA, home of Bright Nights in Forest Park, it's not actually even good. Bright Nights puts on an amazing show, and if you ask me, the one we saw here can't compete. 

Upon our return, we played some more Catchphrase (what can I say, it was a hit!) and then decided it was probably time for bed. Kit took a shower and we got their air mattress blown up and fitted with sheets/blankets/pillows.  Winnie came in and slept with us (she has been doing much better since the last post-- one accident, but she does much better with tons of attention).

Kevin's alarm went off sometime early in the morning, maybe 4:30? Kit came in around 7 to say goodbye, and I was still pretty comatose. I woke up around 9 to a very very sore throat. I checked my temperature, which was about 98.9, no biggie. Hours later, around 1:30 or 2pm, it was 101.2. It was late enough that I wouldn't bother calling into work. Cassy and I rode in together and the shift went fine.

Came home last night to find Kevin making me tea, and he had the Vitamin C tablets out for me  :)  We watched an episode and a half of Seinfeld before deciding it was bedtime, and we went to sleep. He's been working like crazy to make up for the job he lost (and by 'he lost,' I more mean, 'they took from him.' Seems more appropriate.)

I can't believe that on Christmas Eve, we'll have been married for 4 months. It feels like it's been longer than that. Maybe 'cause the move to New York seems like the beginning. Maybe 'cause we were always so serious about each other. I don't know what it is, but it makes me happy. Anyway, I have Christmas Eve off from work, so I'm looking forward to that.

I am not looking forward to work tonight, just 'cause my body feels like it's... I can't find an appropriate comparison. It just feels BAD. I secretly hope I have strep, because I want my tonsils out so badly (look up tonsiloliths and you'll see what the issue is), maybe one more positive strep test would get it taken care of... Anyway, we'll see.
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I'm pretty sure Winnie can kiss us goodbye. She's been shitting all over the house, all the time. Kevin yelled at her and scared her this morning, so to apologize, he took her out and they just left to pick up something for me at the store. He left her alone for under five minutes, and his car is covered in shit. He's steaming mad. At this point, she has frustrated me so much that I don't even care if we get rid of her.
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(eek! I know!)

I was thinking that November is off to a crappy beginning. I mean, I dislike the month as it is, but it's really been a rotten couple days.

I'm nervous about something subconsciously because I keep fidgeting-- can't stop twirling my hair at work (I look like an idiot), playing with my phone when no one messages/calls me, talking on and on about nothing to avoid silence... etc.

We lost one of my favorite residents and it was fine, but the quiet from her empty room has made these days kinda glum. We've been short staffed and everything has been horribly hectic, though that's nothing new. I stupidly agreed to stay another 4 hours yesterday, bringing me to a 12 hour day. I thought I had today off, but I realized I actually have tomorrow off, so I was off at 7pm only to return for 7am.

Bear has been working an absurd amount of hours. A lot of overnights which run into his normal 12 hour shifts, so he is absent for 24 hours at a time. Tonight, he has class from 6pm til 10pm, then work from 11pm tonight until 6am Wednesday morning, when I leave for work again. It's a mess and it's not working for us but that's how it is for now.

I went through my Facebook page and got rid of a lot of friends. I do this every so often, when I accumulate more than I deem "friends" versus "acquaintances." Some people were really just getting on my nerves. I have friends who update 2820 times a day about nothing-- sorry, that's what Twitter is for. I also have friends who I only added to "check up on," and now just seeing their names appear here and there can send me into a blind rage after a long day of work, so they're gone, too. My rule of thumb became: If I saw this person on the street, would I stop and have a conversation, and how awkward/short would it be? Bingo.

The only good thing I have to say about the month thus far is that I believe we now have 100% housebroken the dog. I hope I'm at least right about that. Now, we just have to stop her chewing things that are not chewing-appropriate. That'll be more work. I'd love for it to work out though, because I hate leaving her in her crate while I am at work. Sigh.

Enough outta me for now. Maybe later...

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